(2016) 42 inkjet prints, 15x20cm, on plexiglas supports.

The fence is the place where the domestic horse has his own ‘free hour’ after the long time spent inside the stables.
It is a space built for him by the man for his surges and urges, but also the space where he has his daily training. The fence defines a familiar space the horse knows, accepts and eventually manages and controls better than anyone else.
Anna Morosini started by observing the relationship between the horse’s body and the space around him, focusing on the insisting repetitions of some of his natural movements and on how he often stops and stares at whatever happens outside the fences: he could jump on the other side but he never does. From this considerations the artist imagines how this space represents a limit that only seemingly belongs to the horse; this limit is, both for horses and for humans, something that never exists in nature and that we often self impose in order to coexist in our society.
The horse is educated to remain in the fence, also because from his permanence in it depends his survival to the external world, the space then acts directly on the subject and the physical limit becomes part of it.
The series of 42 photographies shows both this obsessive repetition of movements made by the horse in his space, and also the contemplative moments of immobility where he looks outside the fence’s borders, where nature tries to take back its own spaces.
This specific space becomes then in this series also a human condition, where the artist meets the horse and inevitably identify herself with him.