the body space
(2013) 4 prints 1x1mt, affixed with silver nails.

The project is a research on the body and its meanings. The body ( the one of the artist herself, that in the series represents a neutral one) is here studied not only as human matter and concrete substance, but also as a space, a shape, a defective container of interiority and emotivity. The space of the body has its own life; changes its shapes, transmits its sensations, has visible and invisible reactions to every external or internal event. It becomes then an exchange and transmission tool, a vehicle no one is free from until his last day.
This ‘constriction’ is not only represented in this series for its negative meanings; the body is also our main receptor for pleasure, harmony, aesthetic beauty.
The body space is here depicted in a dismantled way, in his plastic dimension and always immutable in his essence.